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Bruce Maloy

CEO | HMP Enterprises, Inc.


Bruce and his Partner Paul Hunt II founded HMP Enterprises, Inc. in 2019 with the goal of bringing manufacturing operations back to Georgia. With their advisors, HMP brings over 150 years of Mergers & Acquisition, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and other manufacturing and operation venues.

Bruce is a team-oriented leader with broad cross-functional experience in sales, marketing, and operations. He is known for his enthusiastic, engaging leadership style that has achieved world class results in production and operations. Bruce is recognized for building strong teams that truly collaborate across departments and throughout the company.

Bruce began his career in medical device sales in 1990 as the first employee of Horizon Medical Products (the original HMP). This start-up sales and distribution company grew into a $70M World-Wide Operation with sales in over 50 countries. As the Vice President of Administration, Bruce was a key member of the Executive Team that took the company public in 1995.

From there, Bruce joined RITA Medical Systems, where he led the team that successfully vertically integrated the California Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) devices to Georgia. Under his leadership, margins improved from 45 percent to 97 percent.

As the Director of Operations at AngioDynamics, Bruce led a team of up to 150 employees that generated revenues of $70M, and operating margins of up to 72 percent. Bruce attributes this success with having a cohesive team with an average tenure of 13 years.

Bruce earned his Bachelor of Science from The University of Florida and is a Charter Member of the Florida State Executive Management Program. He has served as President of the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce and as a Board Member of the West Georgia Labor Committee and Economic Development Board.

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